Tennis & Pickleball

The Pauma Valley Country Club maintains 3 tennis courts for use by members  and their guests.  The courts are located a short distance from the Clubhouse, Pro Shop and cottages and have their own parking lot.  The courts are properly oriented with respect to the sun angles for play any time of the day.  A central cabana with table and deck chairs offers protection from the elements for spectators, during change-overs and between sets.  Court Number 1 may be lighted by operating a switch under the cabana.  The lights must be extinguished by 10 PM.  A ball machine is provided for use on Court 3 and is stored in a cage on the northwest corner of that court.  Please follow the printed instructions for the machine.

The golf Pro Shop offers only a limited selection of tennis clothing and supplies with most members electing to do their tennis shopping in Escondido or Temecula. 

 Registration and Guests:

The courts are available to members, members’ families and guests on a first-come first-served basis with the exception of the regularly scheduled men’s and women’s competitions defined below.  Guests must be accompanied by the sponsoring member or secure permission from the  Chairman or General Manager.   

Dress Code and Tennis Etiquette:

Dress while playing tennis or pickleball shall be governed by good taste and the usual standards for tennis attire.  Swim suits, jeans, and other denim and street clothes are not permitted.  Shirts must be worn at all times.  Only non-marking court shoes are permitted for players.

Skateboards, roller blades/skates, and cycles of any type are not allowed.

During open play periods, playing time, including warm-up, is restricted to one hour when others are waiting for a court.  Use of the ball machine is also restricted to one hour if others are waiting to use it or require the court for a match. 

Play is governed by the rules of sportsmanship and the US Tennis Association.  Please refer to the following USTA Webpage for The Code: The Players’ Guide for Unofficiated Matches

At all time, players shall observe appropriate decorum in language, action, and attire.


The Country Club does not employ a tennis pro or sponsor tennis lessons.  However, members and guests may use the courts for privately arranged lessons on a non-interference basis by permission of the General Manager and Chairman of the Tennis Committee.  Contact the club office for referrals in this regard.


The tennis facilities and their use are governed by policy set by the Board of Directors and its appointed  Chairman.  Administration is the responsibility of the General Manager. 

Questions about tennis or pickleball play or requesting use of the facilities for special events should be directed to the current  Chairman.  His/her phone number is available from the club office, (760) 742-3721.

PICKELBALL ORGANIZED PLAY – Monday and Wednesday – 8:30am / Tuesday and Thursady - 3:30pm