PVCC Pilots Association

The Pauma Valley Airport is one of many amenities of the Pauma Valley Country Club. And although the Club Board wants to be kept informed through the airport liaison, the day to day operations and management are the responsibility of the Pilot’s Association.  Once a pilot becomes a member of the Country Club, he becomes eligible to be a member of the Pilot’s Association and benefit from the many activities and full use of the airport.  The activities include fly outs, social functions, guest speaker dinners, and the Annual Open House. There are twenty hangars and several areas to tie down that are available on a permanent or part time basis.

There is an annual meeting where we discuss current topics, set a budget, and elect officers for the next year.  Our members take pride in our airport and do their utmost to maintain it, be good neighbors and promote flying.

The Pauma Valley Pilots Association Board Members

President:  Frederick J. Clarey

Vice President:  Jack Stanfill

Secretary:  Dr. Robert Giere

Treasurer:  Gary Boone

Director:  James Crandall

Director:  Ivan Farber

PVCC Board Liaison:  Bill Schultz



President:  Frederick J. Clarey (click here)